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Parents and other support networks

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire understands the important role that parents and guardians play in the lives and success of our students, and we work hard to respond to concerns, questions and suggestions. Within the limits of UW System policy, federal and state laws, we will share all the information we can. This includes the ways in which students are able to grant further access to parents and guardians for levels of information protected by privacy laws.

Rights and responsibilities

While parents understandably have a vested interest in the academic, financial and personal lives of their Blugold students, these adult students have legally granted privacy rights that prevail in all of our campus procedures and processes. From grades and schedules to billing and payment information, these records belong to the student and the student alone, which can be tough to swallow as the parent who may be paying the bill for this education — we get it. 

While these are the laws, it simply means that in order to gain access to online or other information about these topics, students must complete the process of granting official access to the designated individuals by completing the student granted access process.

Grades, schedules & transcripts

Grades and schedules will be available to view in CampS. Here you'll also be able to request a transcript.  If your parents are interested in obtaining access to view your grades, please complete the student granted access process.

Billing statements

Blugold Central oversees the billing of tuition and fees. Email notifications will be sent to view billing information in CampS.

Enrollment verification

Frequently parents are required to provide information to an insurance company as proof of enrollment or academic status.

Students can obtain enrollment verification at no charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through National Student Clearinghouse. Students can go to MyBlugold CampS, select Student Center and then My Academics. On the My Academics page select the link for an Enrollment Verification and follow the instructions from there. This service is provided free of charge to 澳门葡京网赌送彩金 students through the National Student Clearinghouse. We are unable to verify future dates of enrollment.

If for some reason the form provided via MyBlugold is not adequate for the verification you need, please contact Blugold Central at 715-836-3000 to obtain this information or send an email to Often, the insurance company requires a form to be completed and then forwarded. These forms should be mailed to the Blugold Central:

Blugold Central
Attn: Verifications
105 Garfield Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Special circumstances + emergencies

When special circumstances or emergencies require reaching a student, contact the Dean of Students Office at 715-836-5626.

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